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  1. Run IVM as a service If access to computer is done via Remote Desktop | Microsoft Terminal Server-Service, select the advanced option of 'Leave audio at remote computer' prior to connecting. Configure Automatic Updates to "Notify When Updates Avail - Do Not Install" -This prevents un-healthy modem driver / firmware updates to occure without knowledge of possible driver change / conflict. Cheers, G
  2. If the following suggestions from the other members of this forum did not resolve, continue Uninstall IVM application via Control Panel - Add or Remove Programs Run 'regedit' Expand "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\NCH Swift Sound" Delete Key "IVM" Do same for Expand "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\..." Expand "HKEY_USERS\..." Open My Computer; ensure 'Tools - Folder Options' is configured to view hidden files and folders. Go to the following C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ Delete NCH Swift Sound C:\Program Files\NCH Swift Sound\ Dele
  3. Work around/Solution: Before starting the RDP session, click on the 'Local Resources' tab within the RDP client. One of the options is for 'Remote Computer Sound' -Select 'Leave at remote computer' Click Connect and RDP away! G
  4. Transfer's from IVM back into the "Merlin" ksu/pbx were failing, the pbx was not detecting switch hook / DTMF tones. Do not configure the analog port for a data device because this prevents all "short codes" from being accepted in addition to preventing call waiting. Set analog port to voice. All Lucent/Avaya systems use short codes to perform desired action, on Merlin/Legend/Magix #55 is the same as pressing the 'Transfer' button on a key telephone. Thus to perform a transfer IVM does a ,#55, + Extn. I.e. ,#55,500 - Transfer to Oper @ x500. Other misc short codes #00 - programming,
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