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  1. Hello. We have build the system to allow our Lucent Definity abonents make calls using Skype. We are using Definity PBX, Vega 400 gateway, Axon software and 4 SIP2Skype licences. SIP2Skype software and Axon are running on 4 Celeron computers. Definity is connected to Vega using E1. We configured our Vega 400 gateway’s dial plan so that Vega transfers calls to some directions to Axon and the Axon transfers calls to SIP2Skype (SIP2Skype are external lines for Axon). Our Definity abonents can call any phone numbers using Skype. BUT… Definity abonent can’t hear the call-confirmation signal while calling. So, the calling abonent hears silence until called abonent picks up the phone and answers. Besides, we are using tradional IP telephony provider and we transfer a number of our calls to it using SIP. We are not experiencing the problem with call-confirmation signal with SIP provider. Please, help us to solve this trouble. Thank you in advance
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