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  1. Hello, I have had to format and reinstall my OS. Unfortunately, I did not backup my serial number or the software. I know I can download the trial version but will need the serial number.


    Can anyone help.? I have already email support but have not heard anything back.

  2. Hello, I just purchased a licence for Express Rip Pro. I need to rip from CD into loss less flac format and then work with in using Adobe Audition 1.5.


    I download flac file filter from http://www.vuplayer.com/other.php


    Audition is now able to provide flac file extensions when selecting "save as". I seem to be able to read flac files into audition. But I cannot work with the file. I cannot see the wave graph on any of the views. I.e. Edit wave form or multi track view.


    It wont play either. When I click on play i get a sound much like a scratched vynal record.


    I am fairly sure I successfully in ripped the cd into flac. Express rip did seem to complete ripping and WavePad does load and play.


    Can anyone make some suggestions?



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