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  1. Hi .. some one know how to put to work an Uplink and Aszkoia PBX ? (www.askozia.com) It is a Asterix PBX but you can not edit the .conf files in the asterisk folder like yes on Trixbox or Elastix as ex. I created a SIP Provider called Skype, with user pass and extension as 1111 and tell to Askozia that NOT CONECT to the Provider (i make the some thing to can use a Linksys SPA 3000 as analog SIP FXO and work great) And on the UpLink i put the IP address of SIP PBX the user and pass that i declararate on the SIP Line Skype, on the dial plane of Skype SIP Line on Askozia PBX, i put 8|
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