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  1. Hi. I also am having a heck of a time, actually converting from DSS files to something I can actually open and hear. I have spent 2 days working on this but to no avail. I also downloaded Switch Plus and it hasn't helped. You are not alone and I wish I could help! My medical transcriptions are getting way behind and nobody seems to know what's wrong. D. Oakley
  2. Hi there. I have downloaded and reinstalled and uninstalled until I am blue in the face (version 4.22). Why does my transcription screen not have the options buttons and typing screen as it is supposed to? My friends all use this software and they are stumped as well. We have tried everything in the troubleshooting menu (clicking the "show" buttons, etc.) to no avail and I have even downloaded the software from different sites to see if that would matter. Now my boss is involved and she can't figure it out either. It downloads fine for everyone else. Has this happened to anyone here? I have Wi
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