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  1. Hi, Been using Express Scribe for at least five years, free version and now Pro. I am in version 5.56 currently. I often transcribe videos that need time stamps. Never had a problem until probably this week. My default document font is Ariel 11pt. Generally I have been able to grab time and insert into document perfectly. For some reason this week I have to Clt+A my document and globally change the font when I'm completed because each time I insert the time code now it inserts as Ariel 12 and what I type subsequently is also now in 12pt. Any idea how this is happening? I don't
  2. I'm using v. 5.45 pro. Have been for a while. I often do time stamped transcripts for audio/video editing, time stamping either incremental time periods, or at speaker change: 00:25:14.3 But I felt .... Yesterday day I noticed that when I grab the time stamp and insert it and begin typing dialog there is a few second delay before the time stamp inserts and what I've typed shows up. It's really annoying. Although I touch type I guess seeing what I'm typing is a crutch and I make stupid mistakes when I don't see it as I type. Only the time stamp and first few words are delayed. On
  3. That is truly a shame and hopefully something Express Scribe is working on. I don't understand why my mini player has a video box showing anyway (updated version) if there is no video capability. I prefer Express Scribe, but had to purchase InqScribe to be able to transcribe videos without converting the video file to audio file just to use Express Scribe. But Express Scribe works with Word templates, whereas InqScribe is a plain text transcription.
  4. Thanks Mark. That did the trick. I didn't realize my version upgrade wasn't the latest, as I just got the notice up upgrade within the last couple of weeks. Appreciate your help - and so do my fingers
  5. I purchased Express Scribe several months ago, and about a week or so ago, got an automatic update/upgrade. Updated the program (when I hit Help/About it says it's version 4.23) Now, when I am transcribing, if I F7/F8 (rewind/fast forward) I can not hit F9(play) without having to first click on my mouse button. I can go from F9 - to F4 - to F9 again with no problem. This is very frustrating and really slowing me down. Can someone tell me what's going on?
  6. I would love those macros. I manually type my times and [unclear +time]. I am a fairly new ES user and just found this forum. Am so glad
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