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  1. Well, that was pretty slick, I'll have to remember that for future reference, tho I don't currently have lengthy mp3's to deal with.
  2. I had issues as well, I wasn't recording with wavepad, just editing a file with wavepad......and it just jammed up and I was unable to edit.....no v numbers, it was a few years back. I just figured there were limitations on the length. Had too many other issues to dwell on it too long.
  3. It is possible to have other controls over it, especially if you have REALTEK....better check it out....
  4. let me re-phrase visually, looking at the file, using compression, it does not shrink in size while looking at the wavform but grows and gets larger....not to be confused with more MB for the file size.
  5. where were you able to find previous versions? also, was your hdd a mechanical failure? if not you should easily be able to find your files and copy them by attaching an external drive case...hope you didn't toss the drive
  6. pretty much all of the above. when recording dr stan, I'd remove any advertisements. I'd also pump up the volume if perhaps the recoding was too soft sometimes I'll copy an excerpt from a recording as a sample for others to listen to. kw
  7. been a while since I last posted here. recently downloaded v6.18 and a cpl things just jumped out at me 1. after saving a file, the save button does NOT gray out!!! 2. when compressing , it actually increases the file size and does not compress it!! 3. the automatic gain cotrol seems to do what the compressing should actually do!!! is it possibly the functions are reversed between gain control and compression? that's all for now kw
  8. Glad to hear it all worked out. personally, I'd never rely on the onboard recording feature....I'd use a handheld device like the yamaha cx digital recorder....the battery lasts fairly long like 10hrs and the computer can easily read the files late edit [[ Using the most accurate linear PCM recording mode you can record continuously for up 22 hours on a single battery charge. If stereo MP3 recording suits your needs you can record for up to 50 hours.* The corresponding continuous playback times are 22 hours, and 54 hours, respectively. The POCKETRAK CX cones with an environment-friendly rechargeable Eneloop battery ]] from yamaha site http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/576492-REG/Yamaha_POCKETRAK_CX_Pocketrak_CX_Digital_Stereo.html I own it, so I know....but apologies, this model, no longer available.....I got it at guitarworld a year or so back for 99.00 and they are not all equal for battery life...the most critical question to ask for one you like. I also got a tascam, but it is a battery hog....same size as yamaha but battery lasts 2-3 hrs then poops out. no bargain at any price, unless you only want to take notes in car while you are thinking and driving.
  9. Dave, you may want to first extract audio from the video with this ; [[ Switch Audio File Converter Software Convert and encode sound files on PC and Mac Switch is one of the most stable and comprehensive multi format audio file converters available and is very easy to use. Universal audio converter supporting all popular formats Convert or compress sound files within minutes of downloading Includes batch audio converter to convert thousands of files Extract audio from any media file including video ]] I have it, and it works. next copy the file [ always work off a copy ] now try to tweek the eq or whatever you have....[ maybe you have a friend who has soundsoapII ] if so, soundsoapII may get most of it scrubbed, but you'll have to try it yourself. now, how does one put scrubbed audio back in?! I don't know, but I'm sure a videophile can tell you how to copy the vid without audio, then add the new scrubbed track back in. best wishes for you kw
  10. kennywally


    any improvements from 4.52 to current 5.07? my gripe is/was the dynamic range compressor they effed up the parameters it used to be a simple choice for regular voice or broadcast levels the the last I looked it was so vague/confusing, I tried it, but it messed up my work!!!! So, I deleted that one [ forgot version number ]and reinstalled 4.52!!! anymore screw ups like that worth mentioning? kw
  11. lmao....4.52 is what I've been using reliably for quite some time.....go figure
  12. you grab your sequential files, copy them, then working from the numbered copies you'll minimize all but two, either cut or copy [ your option ] the 2nd file at the end of the 1st file, so now you have part one and two back to back continue that for the remaining tracks/sections you are consolidating. save the file by using the file tab, not the save file icon and rename it so as to find it later. now, reopen it, and go to the end of each back to back section and magnify that particular portion of the file....where there's most likely a GAP, until you can now see the gap between the files....and use your own judgment to delete the GAP for a smooth transition....it's an art form. you may want to practice on just two or three gaps prior to doing the whole thing, so you get the hang of deleting that portion the way you need it!
  13. kennywally


    I never noticed a timer. kw
  14. there are some "components" like wma to mp3 converter you could install....not sure why they don't include it in the already small wavepad file kw
  15. could be a bug that was fixed in a newer version [ check dates of versions, you may have to get a different/newer copy from a member, as nch has not provided upgrades....as long as the version is dated within 90 days, transferring your registration info should work ] make sure your machine has been rebooted and defragged and registry is in order then install wavepad let us know how you fare! kw
  16. I'd register the old, then copy to the new....verify all is well, then delete the old. but, that's just an educated guess, not a guarantee....sorry. kw
  17. I'd try another version, by now there should be a newer one kw
  18. good question, free won't do bulk commands and probably more specific stuff per each different release! but I have not kept track of them. kw
  19. kennywally

    Audio Tapes

    the only EASY option is, to pay someone to do it for you. kw
  20. don't forget to MAKE and work off of copies, not originals especially when you are new to any audio editor kw
  21. you can amplify parts that are hard to hear...but I can't address the time issue kw
  22. you'll have to go into audio properties and r clik on a blank spot to see if any other option pop. failing that, do a search for realtek , cuz you may have one of their control panels hidden from view, then look at the options on the realtek screen for mic etc. best wishes kw ALSO....keep track of your wavepad files by renaming the original file you get with the version number, in case a newer version sucks, you can always go back to the version that work better etc....nch does not save old versions keep a spare copy on a flash drive with notes as well, like which machine you had it on and it ran well, in addition to any registration info
  23. no guarantee but you may want to try this; http://download.cnet.com/Pandora-Recovery/3000-2094_4-10694796.html?tag=mncol;1 without having the advantage of discussing how wavepad stores temporarily with a recording engineer expert that's the best I can offer up. kw
  24. ahhhhh, mini disc.....very close to my heart. I have 3 or 4 of them...... they were/are great portable recorders and editors, once you got the hang of the procedure I'd mark, then delete advertisements or unwanted audio as I was delivering or picking up packages on my route....so I have some pretty good collections of blues from the RED ROOSTER LOUNGE and BLUES EDITION. thanks for the conversion links....I didn't have the time to hunt down adequate software...and now you saved me some time, so when I get the urge to purge and save....I'll be able to get started
  25. personally, I wouldn't try a bulk command on the originals....I'd try copies first. but failing that option, I'd tweek each file to the same volume!!!! yes, tedious, but it is more certain than trusting that to automation!!! it's just the way it is. If you DO have luck, please post that so others can see! best wishes kw
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