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  1. Have seen a similar issue with the FTP settings despite testing the connection happening successfully.
  2. I have seen this problem a couple of times and it happened after the sending PC did a system restore. The way that I found to get around it was to delete/rename the SEND folder in the common files for ED. Once that was done the problem did not occur again. Hope this helps. BTW- Have seen it happen in multiple versions.
  3. We have recently migrated to the version 4.13 and now are having issues with dictations pausing after 15 to 20 seconds of silence. I have already altered the voice activation settings to their most sensitive as well as increased the timeout settings for disconnect and stopping. None of this has seemed to help. Anyone have any ideas on either how to change this setting or disable to voice activation settings ? Thanks
  4. In your situation it is going to be the most economical for each doctor to purchase a license rather than buy the site license. You then setup each doctor with his or her own user id. Your regular phone line can interface with DD but you will need a modem to do so. I would suggest using VOIP instead. We use Inphonex who is a recommend provider of NCH. A single VOIP line will easily be able to accommodate 4 dictators and keep them from getting busy signals.
  5. I had a similar problem but noticed it only to happen with the latest version of ED. To fix I created a duplicate recipient entry and the program then sent correctly.
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