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    Hi Travieso, I know this is an old post but this info may help you or someone else down the line when they come across this problem. After you try the trial version of SoundTap....like what you heard and then buy it.....you should first go to the Sound Tap file and delete all recordings prior to you buying the new version (to save any confusion).....many forget to do this and then listen to an old recording with the voice over "please purchase SoundTap". Your new recordings after purchase will not have this on them...enjoy...I personally have used Sound Tap for over a year now and have t
  2. Hi Opera_luvr, I suggest try searching for all mp3 song's on your computer hard drive first or if you know the date of when you recorded the songs... try searching by date for the new folders or mp3 songs added.......just click the Start button on your computer and then open the Search button .....chances are....you still do have the recordings but have just been located to a different folder...I know this has happened to me before but only when I updated to a new version....hope this helps out. "Good Luck" Rickster
  3. Hi icunurse47557, I suggest you first try recording some streaming music using Sound Tap.....then (if you need to) use WavePad to edit it or what ever editing software you have and save it.....then use Express Burn to burn the songs on to the CD...I suggest using atleast a 2 sec pause between songs....then burn away.....hope this helps you out. "Good Luck" Rickster P.S. remember...as mentioned...Sound Tap is a recorder and "does not burn tracks"...you must have other CD burning software to do this.
  4. Rickster


    Hi Dena, I suggest you first trying to record music off a CD or off a streaming music channel (like Yahoo Lauchcast-which is free)...be sure to have Sound Tap running first before starting your music.....you need to make sure everything is working fine by doing this.....if you can do this and everything is fine...then start Sound Tap and then start playing your DVD.....Sound Tap functions as a sound recorder...recording anything playing on your computer.....remember...you must have the DVD movie playing on your computer....before starting the record process on Sound Tap....I have used it li
  5. Sorry GDog4.....there is no way to remove the "voice mark" from a previous recording.....all recordings done while using the free trial version will have the "voice mark" on it......it's just a free trial version to let you sample recordings and to hear the quality of the playback as well as overall ease.....I have used it for over a year now and really like it....sound quality is exactly the same on playback which was what sold me on it......records streaming music, cd's, etc...exactly as you hear it. "Good Luck" Rickster
  6. The only thing missing is to purchase Sound Tap. NCH allows you to download a trial version of Sound Tap to test the product out....however.....they allow you to record enough of a song to give you an idea of what it can do...BUT...periodically puts in the womens voice "please purchase Sound Tap" reminding you that you need purchase Sound Tap in order to record without any interuptions within the song...if they didn't do this...most people would use the trial version to complete a project and never pay them ......I personally have used Sound Tap for over a year now and have thoroughly enjoye
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