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  1. Got a chance to re-evaluate axon after 2 years, and ended with same question! No improvement on this product in last 24 months! -Sreejith
  2. Is it possible to configure incoming sip uri calls (without registration) in Axon? Like sip:101@mydomain.com? If yes, how to configure? Thanks, Sreejith
  3. After running skype2sip for few days, developing one way voice issues. I can hear, and other party can't. Sound devices under skype are not changed. Other PBX calls are fine. Restarting PBX and Skype2Sip including skype won't solve issue. Rebooting ATA is not a solution. Only way to get around is a complete reboot of the PC where pbx and skype2sip are running. Uplink Ver 1.30 Axon 2.0 Windows 2003 Standard
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