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  1. >If you're using Express Talk, run the Audio Set-up Wizard and see what the mic levels are Hmm, the audio wizard must be specific to Windows versions. Both computers are running Express Talk phones on OSX (10.5) and no audio wizard is available under application preferences. Both are using standard system line outs and the volume on these should be good as the users run iTunes and report no problems there. Also, the levels are good for external calls. > I thought I should also note that the Linux version is pretty new (as in beginning of this month) and I'm not sure how many people are actually using it in real world applications as of yet... Ah ok. Well, happy to provide some diagnostics if it is an application bug but could be another problem there though - logging in Linux Axon doesn't appear to work either. Have turned on SIP logging via the web admin panel but no files appear here or in the logs directory on the file system.
  2. Have got Axon running under Linux and have two soft phone extensions. Both users can make external calls through the system, however calling another extension is not working well. The call rings on the recipients phone, they pick up and each person hears their own voice very loudly but not the other person's. It's as if the voice packets are being sent back to the originating speaker rather than sent to the other user. Any ideas for troubleshooting here? I've tried switching on the various 'Advanced Settings' for the line in the Web Admin to no effect. Thanks, M.
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