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  1. We are using "Karen" from Nuance. We have Text Aloud installed, we also tried "recording" her voice with IVM, and that worked fine. She also works in Verbose and Text Aloud...it's only when we try to use the synthesis on the fly for calls that we have an issue. It's really strange. I'll try re-installing the voice, as that's about the only thing we haven't done. Still, she seems to work everywhere else, just not in that particular instance. Thanks for your help.
  2. We have set up IVM to run outbound calls using the text-synthesiser because we are running variables. It seemed to work fine, however we purchased and installed a SAPI5 voice, set all of our defaults and other related settings to use our new voice, but now, no matter what we do, the voice that is produced during a call is still the default voice! We tried restarting IVM, restarting the machine it is installed on, we double and triple checked all of our settings...and still, we can't get the new voice to work correctly. Is there anything else that could be causing us an issue? The system is running exactly how we want it to, with the exception of the voice. We are running the software on an enterprise license, and the voice we are using is 22Khz. Can anyone help??
  3. Hi PythonPoole, Our audio is going to be changing with every callout we make, so the first two ways of changing the audio (using different wav files, or overwrite current wav files) are probably not the best method. I was leaning more towards synthesising the text, and the method you have given me to do so looks like it will do exactly what I need. Thank you so much for your help! Samantha
  4. Hi, The company I work for are considering purchasing IVM to set up an outbound call system. I've been looking at the API items, and to be honest, there's very little there. There are certain functionalities that I'm sure must exist, but I can't find any documentation on them. I've noticed that you can request "additions" to the API for a cost, but I was wondering if some of the things I'm after already exist but are just not documented? Specifically, I would like to change the sound file that plays on answer (by passing in a file name and location) OR pass text/script into the system for synthesising. From there I would like to be able to "log" responses into a database (which at this point I believe I can do with a plugin). Does anyone know if what I'm looking for already exists?
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