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  1. Aliva stated they are running 4.49. That version is a LOT older than 3 months. The oldest version in the versions list is 4.61 for Windows and that's dated 27th Sept 2012. But agreed, if Aliva is running the free version then it's all good I guess...I haven't run the free version in years so I didn't think of that...Good call.
  2. AGAIN - there is a new version of EA for Windows released - 4.96 Checking http://www.nchsoftware.com/accounting/versions.html - it isn't listed, there's no list of what has been changed. Am I to buy this obeying the principle that "any upgrade is a good upgrade"? NCH - are you just phishing for moar monet? Has anything actually changed or are you just trying to drum up more income? I'm sure you aren't, but how would one know? How about updating the Release Notes/Version History?
  3. That's a little misleading - MAY is not correct, the correct answer would be WILL.
  4. I see there is a new version of EA released. Yay - I THINK. There's no release notes. EA is a great program, I've been using it for years - but exactly WHY would I upgrade? What do I get for that? Also - the 3 months thing just plain sucks. NCH - you guys write some truly GREAT software. You really do. I've been a fan for a long time. But the "3 months then buy it again" thing - is a bit rude. Especially when you release new versions that apparently have a bunch of undisclosed changes and a different version number. Your pricing is fair for what I get, I would happily pay an upgrade fee every 3 months and just factor it as "4 * $xx = $xxx per year" - but you separate support from the software upgrades. And why would I pay for upgrades if I don't know if I will see any benefits from it? You guys have the weirdest business model for a software company I have ever seen, and it leaves me feeling very uncomfortable. I know I'm not the only one. TELL ME why I should be upgrading. Also - be regular with updates if there ARE benefits to the end user. The previous (Windows) version to this one was released Nov 2013. The MAC version hasn't changed since 30th August 2013. That's not very regular. Have there been no bugfixes between Nov 2013 and now? I'm on the MAC version right now. About to change back to Windows with EA (easy enough to do) so this new release is perfect timing for me, and I'll happily pay the fee. Your software is perfect for me, easy to use, I love it. But if it wasn't for the fact I'm moving back to Windows, given I have ZERO idea of what the new release would give me, why would I bother, other than if I didn't keep a copy of the latest version that I could grab before my upgrade period ran out? ALSO - what is the deal with "Please be aware if you purchased more than 3 months ago you may need to purchase an upgrade to use the current version." - huh? MAY? MAY need to? I can say from experience - you HAVE to. What, is it a coin toss? Is there a random number generator built into the software that arbitrarily decides whether the latest version will work with your existing licence? Nope - you try and install a software version that is 3 months newer than when you activated your licence - you be screwed. Which is fair, but not apparently clear. Why not be CLEAR guys? Your software, for what it does, the speed of it, functionality, size of install etc - is AWESOME. Pretty much ALL of your software is like that. You are talented and even inspired programmers. But the business model is kind of skewed.
  5. I've been testing EA out as an accounting solution on a Terminal Server. While the web interface is pretty good, and there is NOTHING I know of in the market that can do what EA does as well as it does for the price, size of program and speed, I have customers who want Windows interfaces and multiuser. It works perfectly on a multiuser system - but for ONE problem. Generating invoices. If I have two users generating invoices at the same time in the web interface - no problems, one can record their invoice and the other half a second later, and the numbering will be in order. 10001 for one, 10002 for the next and so on. If I do this with 2 users in the Windows interface however - the invoice number is generated at the start of the process, meaning in the above example both users will see 10001 - a direct conflict. When the first user posts their invoice, all good, the second, not so much - in fact not at all, the software will warn the invoice number exists and refuse to record until the number is changed. So close - and yet so far... The problem doesn't occur with Sales Orders, Quotes, Purchase Orders. If this issue can be resolved, then I have a customer who (if they can tolerate the limited reporting) will walk away from using Quickbooks Enterprise and move to EA. IF they can tolerate the dearth of reporting compared to QB...
  6. I am an utter dick. I don't get infections on my business machine - EVER. I am an IT guy by trade, my PC is carefully protected by good Antivirus/AntiMalware software, I am religiously careful what I do on the web, I don't fall for scams, nothing. Malware/Spyware scans and Virus scans showed NOTHING. A clean PC. My children NEVER get on this computer. They have ample other machines to use, and if they end up infected I blow them away and reimage them. They are my sacrifical anodes. But the main PC they use died and I haven't had a chance to repair it. So my Son got on my PC while I was out. I had NO idea of this until I installed the latest version of EA and my browser opened to direct me to nch.com.au - but this got hijacked and directed to a survey that was PERFECTLY attuned to the situation - "thanks for installing our software! Please fill out this survey" - it was even Aussie-oriented, the "survey" company listed themselves as Australian. What was a guy to think? BUT - I just got directed to the SAME survey AGAIN! I just checked my Firefox config and my Son had inadvertently installed the SweetIM addon pack for Firefox! Argh. I'm a dick. I have acted like an idiot, accusing NCH of wrongdoing where they did not do anything wrong. I humbly apologise for my foolishness and request that this thread be expunged from this site. I have no problem with looking like an idiot, I have acted like one, but I don't see why NCH should have to wear the blame if someone is to just read the original post without looking at my retraction.
  7. Hi, I have been using EA for a number of years. Overall I find the software to be EXCEPTIONAL, in its operation as well as it's efficiency, resiliency against crashes, incredibly small file size. What I am HORRIFIED with is what happened after installing the latest version. When the install completed, my browser started up (as happens with NCH products), and I expected it to direct me to something on their site. Not this time. I was directed to a "survey" where I needed to answer "three simple questions" to go into a "draw" to win an iPad, MacBook or $500 VISA card. At the end of the "survey", I choose my "prize" and have to enter a mobile phone number. The fine print graciously tells me that I am signing up to a subscription service and will be charged a weekly fee and other crap (I kinda switched off at this point) - YEAH - I am REALLY going to do that. What the hell NCH? Have you REALLY decided to debase yourselves, to align yourselves with the DETRITUS of the internet, the opportunistic, predatory, money-grubbing scum of the internet? I'm well aware that the response to this post can be "hey they are just making money, you can choose not to sign up, they tell you it's a subscription service, what's your problem, why can't people make money?" Yup - the world is going down the toilet, everyone is in it for the money and will screw over ANYONE they can, and that's good business. I won't get caught out - EVER - but they will manage to hook a good number of brain dead people who believe they can get something for nothing. Good on them. I'm DISGUSTED NCH. P.S. I'm a lonely girl in Ghana and would love to hook up with some wealthy white man who would look after me - you go to my web site and see me ok? You talk to me ok? We have good time ok? Me make you my only one ok? FTW P.P.S. I wonder how long it will take before this post gets pulled.
  8. What codec are you using to encode the data streams? Maybe this is the issue...If I was to use say Divx 6.0 with insane quality settings this would chew CPU resources, especially if I was running say 4 cameras...Actually under those circumstances combined with motion detection I reckon most PCs would shudder! Try an uncompressed video codec first off... Also check that your chipset/video drivers are installed and up to date - VIA drivers are notorious for being installed and windoze not using them, doze sticking with the M$ provided ones. In this case you have to do a manual search for the drivers to use them for IDE/USB etc. Of course I have zero knowledge of your proficiency with a PC so I am assuming basic user level...(oh - I see you mention a network sniffer so you must be power/uber level) Check your drivers, PC temps (maybe your heat is ramping up and the C1E/Speedstep functions of the BIOS are throttling back your system to protect it - if your CPU/FSB drops in speed the utilisation will go up), voltages (if your CPU voltage drops quite a bit under load, you probably have C1E turned on in the BIOS - turn it off) Without knowing how Eyeline is coded, I would also say that there is a chance the motion detection routine runs on the encoded video streams, which would take a fair bit of CPU resources due to having to render the video streams after them being encoded. There are a few DVR programs out there that do exactly this... Then again, everything NCH does seems to be streamlined - as evidenced by the small binaries they provide for their programs! So I could easily be wrong about at what point they analyse the motion... I'm a fan of their ideals - simple programs that do what you want and nothing else, with no bloat. So I guess I'm saying rule out any problems that might not directly be the fault of Eyeline first - BIOS, heat, drivers (MB/Video), video codecs. Rule all these things out and you have isolated the problem pretty well directly to Eyeline. Hope this helps!
  9. OK - I tried a DVR card today with 4 X BT878 chips - perfect, no probs. Windows installs 4 devices for these types of cards (this one is a SZT 160) I'll try a card with 1 X BT878 ASAP
  10. There are two type of DVR cards generally found: 1 - 1 X BT878 chip - used in a round-robin-access setup between the inputs 2 - 4 X BT878 chips - used in either 1-chip-per-input or round-robin setup, good for 4-16 inputs (or sometimes even more) I have found that a number of DVR programs will not access the first type of card properly - they are not written to cycle through the inputs, so they either won't touch the card at all, or only read input 1. Most DVR programs will access the second type of card with no problems - each input (1-4) has its own capture device installed in Device Manager, so the software can access each of the 4 inputs simultaneously. But if the card had say 16 inputs with 4 chips, then you are back to square one again...Stuck with 4 inputs only. I would venture a guess that EyeLine falls into the first category - not polling each input in turn. I will test this out in a couple of days - I have access to both types of cards at my workplace, so after the weekend I'll see what I can find out. From what I have seen so far on these forums, NCH tech support don't really provide any feedback so to speak as to how their software works - as their income model is based on support, they don't seem to believe that they should provide feedback...(disclaimer: I can't speak from a first-hand viewpoint in regards to NCH and am not passing judgement with my preceding comment) While I have no problem with their chosen model, there is a place for providing basic feedback to users of the system - users whether they pay or not need enough information to be able to go away and nut things out for themselves, to a point. Otherwise they just walk away and find another package, either a free one or one they can buy outright and access useful online support information including forums with active developer input. How NCH find that balance I have no idea! I'm glad I don't have to work that out! I would suggest to the EyeLine developers they maybe look at some source code from say ZoneMinder to get an idea of how to access the multiple inputs - just don't steal the code guys, it's under the GPL! But there's nothing wrong with trying to get some pointers - GPLed code is all about free speech...
  11. You say there is no drop-down box - do you mean you don't get a "Select a Capture Device" dialogue at all, or the drop-down box within this dialogue is disabled? Have you tried the card with the software that came with the card to see if it is functioning? I know you said you installed the drivers and software, but you wouldn't believe how many people say something isn't working without first testing with the software that came with the device... Is the device showing up in Device Manager? What driver is the card using? One provided by Microsoft or Brooktree or someone else? Can you use a program like amcap to verify the card works? What card are you running? Are we talking generic eBay type DVR card? Check the chipset on the DVR card - does it have a single BT878 chip or multiple BT878 with a single Philips chip?
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