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    My Axon server is working no problem with my VOIP only line. I can make and receive call. I install IVM as extension 198 and download attbasic.ivr from nch. Then I setup "for sale press 1" to transfer to 101. After IVM pick up the incoming call from my cell phone, I can hear the OGM, then I press 1 on my cell and IVM do a blind transfer to 101. It show "dial 101" in the IVM display panel, the IVM generate ringing in my cell phone. After 2 ring, it show disconnected call but extension 101 never ring. I try to use extension 104 to dial 198 and get the OGM, press 1 and IVM then dial extension 101 and 101 ring no problem. Some how no matter what I do, IVM will not ring any extension if the call is external but it will transfer if it is an internal call. Can someone help please!
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