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  1. If it automatically deleted you could end up losing files. If you have a USB stick plugged into your computer and if you had 100 files on it that you want to keep but the folder only has 10 them you would lose 90 files. Or if you plugged in the wrong USB stick you could lose everything. I am glad that it doesn't auto delete, auto upload yes.
  2. In order to get the right click to work you have to open Fling and click on New and follow the windows that will let you add the information and add the folder which the file is in which will appear into the window. Then when you are in that folder and right click a file it will add the file to where you have it set up to go. I hope this helps others
  3. Hi Bob, I was just looking for an answer to this problem, I have win7 and if I right click on a file and try to upload it say that file" does not belong to any Fling folder". Did you get you problem figured out yet?
  4. I had the same problem..You have to put in the page html this.. Audio Streamed by the <a href="http://www.nch.com.au/streaming/index.html">BroadWave Streaming Audio Server</a> by <a href="http://www.nch.com.au/index.html">NCH Swift Sound Software</a> If you don't install it the right way then you get what you are getting..Cheers.
  5. Hi..It will do 8 different streams but to do it you will need 8 sound cards. You can also do two per sound card if you use the left and right channels, one stream on each channel using a dual mono to stereo adapter but most people would have a hard time figuring out how to listen to them. You could also try Virtual Audio Cable that works and can be found at http://software.muzychenko.net/eng/vac.html that way you could use two without another sound card..Cheers..Keithmj
  6. Hi..I recorded a LP using RecordPad and saved it. It recorded all the songs as one large continous song and am taking it apart to make single songs. The problem that I am having is that I cut out the song that I want and save it as a MP3 song. I make a new file and paste the song into it and I can play the song. Then I save it. But when I play the saved song there is only about one second of music. How do I save this so I get the whole song? Thanks..Keithmj
  7. I have been reading some of the problems that others are having that are not really being solved. To be honest about it I think it stinks that you get a program and it won't work right and then you have to "Purchase Technical Support" I purchased several of the programs myself and have been lucky to not have any problems that I couldn't figure out. But the EyeLine software has several problems that are problems in the program. It is free so I can't complain but it is enought to turn anyone from buying the software they sell..I guess I'll just delete it from my computer and find something that works..Cheers..Keithmj
  8. Hi All..I have the same problem as others. I start the program and don't do anything and after about ten seconds the program crashes. Some times I can run it for a few minutes and then it will crash. Also when I record with the motion feature it will record when there is motion but when playing back it will repeat the same thing over about three times. It is like you are repeating it over and over? Any ideas as to why? Thanks..Keithmj
  9. Never really paid much attention to it but I always have to be different. And I usually always just say..Cheers..Keithmj
  10. Thank You JG..I didn't even know the command bar was available..I went into view and click on it and now it works. It was never showing for me until now..I knew it had to be something simple..Thanks again and Cheers..Keithmj
  11. Hi..This is the WavePad section..Are you using WavePad? I didn't know that it connected to the internet? Or am I missing something? Cheers..Keithmj
  12. Hi All..Just a simple question. I have a wave file that was recorded but when recorded the record volume was set to high. I need to turn down the Volume so when I listen to it, it isn't so loud. I am using this wave file for an answering machine and when the machine answers the volume is so loud and they can't understand what is being said and they can't turn the volume down on their phone..When I edit this wave file how do I reduce the output volume? Thanks..Keithmj
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    Hi all..I have it setup to record and playback stereo but I am only getting just a little volumn from the right side. I use another program to check my setup and it records and plays back fine on the left and right sides. How do you adjust it in RecordPad to record both sides? I went into my computer sound setup and both sides are equal. Any ideas on this? When recording only one green bar is moving, just the top one..Thanks..Keithmj
  14. Keithmj


    Hi..I am also having a small problem when doing stereo..The one track is louder than the other and distorts the sound so when I lower the volumn to reduce it the other is so low I can't hear it. The right side volumn is lower than the left but if I turn the volumn up to hear it, the right side is then distorted. any ideas on how to output stereo and have it sound good? Some times it won't work at all..I am using a Dell Inspiron Laptop with WinXP..Thanks..Keithmj
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