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  1. Yes, I did download the OS X version. Thanks for your reply. I did as you said. Actually, I had already done it, but I did it again at your instructions, and the results were the same. I had read elsewhere online that in order to "practice" using Express Scribe, once you install it, a practice dictation would appear and automatically load. Not only did nothing load, but there were no files to be found. Also, when I clicked on Help, an empty Help screen showed up. No topics, and the "Ask a question" didn't bring up anything either. That's why I thought it hadn't completely installed.
  2. I didn't find any way to install Express Scribe on a Mac. Just only essetup.exe showed up when I clicked on the link. I looked at the forums and didn't find any answer, after not finding any answer from the NCH website. NOW what do I do?
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