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  1. Axon does not support sip-based call routing, or according to the answer my service provider gave to me when I asked this. Basically, you would need a seperate account for each DID (direct inward dial), number.
  2. I am currently searching for a provider that allows this.
  3. I would love for Caller ID to be able to populate more than just a number. Referencing the number by a database, XML, etc. would be a nice convenience. Any ideas, or am I missing a simple matter of configuration? Thanks!
  4. Very interesting. I will test this tonight- Thank you very much for your time on this. Little things like this help us all!
  5. I have been testing using IVM, just not too familiar with the directions you speak of and that configuration but I am learning! I will try this, thank you!
  6. When you get it to work, let me know- I will let the world of PAP2 users know as well. I have been trying to find a solution for this with no luck
  7. soflsmurf


    This is based on your Service Provider. I am currently testing using callcentric- you can set your outbound CID, but only one at a time and there are no custom CIDs or such pass-throughs as you are inquiring about. Basically, you would have to have a different account with each DID you want and set that up as an external line for that CID to go out from that group or Extension. I may be wrong but it sounds like you need a solution for sip-based routing of some kind, which to my knowledge Axon does not currently support. Hope that helps!
  8. This is a very common and typical feature of any PBX system I have worked with... why can I not figure out how to do so with Axon? Please Help, thanks!
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    I have worked on my PAP2 and Axon for over a month now- I have some interesting issues. One of the main ones was calls dropping after 5:08 to be EXACT. I disabled activity polling in the Advanced Line settings and that seemed to fix it. Also, I would like to be able to get the voicemail function to work on the PAP2 to deliver the signal to my phone that has a voicemail light / configure the MWI appropriately so the light blinks when there is new voicemail. Any ideas? I love the latest automatic feature where when you dial the voicemail attendent (IVM) it recognized the DID and it goes into that mailbox. Very helpful also because it shows how to configure such settings with the Validity Checking, etc.
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