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  1. I am converting a M2TS File to avi. It converts it marvelously, but it is only a small part of it. It is quite a large file, does the size matter? How can I get it to convert the entire file (20.7 MB (21,774,336 bytes)
  2. You know, I thought this was a forum for HELP!!!! I didn't ask a question to be critisized. I am not looking for something FREE I explained that. I downloaded this FREE program knowing that it was only good for 30 days. I planned on buying it whether you think that or not I could care less. I don't need your insults here, I only asked a question to see if someone could answer why these programs were so different. If you are this miserable, why don't you go help someone in need, it will make you feel better. I would appreciate an answer from someone who generally wants to help and not from
  3. Well, didn't expect sarcasm here, but I can take it. I was willing to buy it, I had my credit card on my desk and almost bought Switch. Till I realized that it didn't come with wave pad. When I went to Wave pad I couldn't tell if I would be getting the same thing as I had in the free version. I can afford to buy it, I just don't want to buy something that is not like what I have now. The site is very very confusing and I had no idea what I was buying so I didn't buy it. This whole program stinks if you want my opinion. On the other hand I like the way wave pad compresses music file
  4. I downloaded "Switch" with "Switch" I also chose wave pad. Now the free version has expired,but I was able to download the free version of wave pad V.3.05. With that, I have the ability to compress music files to a smaller size. I have a lot of options there, but when my friend downloaded the exact same thing, she doesn't have those options what is the difference and how can she get the same thing I have? We both downloaded the same thing I really confused.
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