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  1. hm, just bumping this as it is quite important to me! Suggestions are much appreciated!
  2. is it ok if there are spaces in the folder name? e.g. My Documents\ ? Thank you.
  3. I've got a couple folders I'd like Fling to ignore.. I'm currently using this in my "exclude folder" settings... and it IS NOT working.... any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for any suggestions D:\My Documents\My Webs\site\_vti_cnf; D:\My Documents\My Webs\site\_vti_log; D:\My Documents\My Webs\site\_vti_pvt\
  4. I figured out how to get the free version going: Download the newest version of Express Invoice ( at this time it is 3.25 ) .. and install. When the trial period is over after 14 days it will ask that you buy the software or exit the software. To continue using Express Invoice follow these steps in Windows Vista ( sorry no mac or xp instructions but they are likely similar ) : In your control panel open "Add and Remove Programs" Double click on Express Invoice Select the "downgrade to free basic version" and click next. Click next one more time. Express Invoice should open up in Free Basic Mode... ( minus a few pro features ).
  5. I got the free version running... see my post about it here: http://www.wesedholm.com/2010/12/23/light-and-free-invoicing-alternative-to-quickbooks-windows-mac/
  6. I tried out the new version of express invoice 3 and now want to revert back to the older and free basic version. I uninstalled the new version and downloaded an older version ... but when I try to install the older version it installs the new version again. Thanks for any tips.... Feel free to email me directly at wes at 1stchoiceecommerce.com.
  7. Is the email invoices option working for everyone else? My ability to email ended around version 2.07. I'm thinking I will uninstall and reinstall but wanted to see if anyone else was having the same problem. I have my own smtp info setup... the same info that was working before. Thanks for any suggestions.
  8. What is the easiest way to back up the Fling jobs? For example if you wanted to move all of your jobs to a different computer or just wanted to prepare for a full Windows reinstall or disaster recovery. It would be nice to be able to export and import the jobs in the future versions. I was able to find the accounts in the registry however I'm not too sure how to import those back in the event that I had reinstalled windows and reinstalled fling. Thanks for the great product and thanks for any advice.
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