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  1. That`s right, but the zoom needs a cople of seconds to get line access.How can I say to AXON to prepend digits, wait for tone line, and dial again the desired phone number?
  2. I reply to me. The dial string is a number sequence to manually insert in the phone to get access. I resolded the problem setting in voip-PSTN bridge a filter that only get access for brindge when calls from an extranbotic extension, like 1827362518.
  3. Hi. Now my axon works fine. I can birdging with PSTN with my Zoom 5800 FXO output. The only trouble is security. My zoom has got a parameter called "Password Dial String", I think is a pass to get access to the bridge. How I set in axon to put this password?
  4. Hi. My axon worked a little, but now it isn't. I changeed tpc/ip config, removing secondarys ips, and vmware netcards adaptators, and now axon said that my public IP is, Where can I say to axon what is my public IP? Thanks
  5. Ive got and ATA zoom 5800. Sorry. I'd try to bridgging from voip to PSTN, but I can`t. I configure external lines from AXON, and put Zoom's ATA ip like gateway server form external line, and Zooms said: 10:36:19 Register attempt for proxy sip:109@ failed 10:36:19 405 I am not a sip server, I am a coffee machine How can I configure it? thanks
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