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  1. Hello: I'd like to know if is possible to connect IP Phone to Express Talk. I know IP Phone can works without Express Talk, configuring an account in Axon PBX. But I want to use the "callto" function from webpages, and Express Talk manage this function perfectly. For that reason, I want to configure the IP Phone in order to work with Express Talk. I haven't bought IP Phones yet, because I don't know if I could to configure them. I hope somebody can help me to solve this issue Thank for your advices.
  2. Hello: I'd like to know if Zoom VoIP Telephone Adapter model 5801 works fine with Axon PBX system. I'm from Spain and this hardware is really cheap and easy to buy. - Contains both FXS and FXO ports; supports bridging and cell phone VoIP access - Clear, natural-sounding voice quality - Zoom's Teleport feature allows automatic access to public phone network for - emergency services like E911 and 112 calling - Uses industry-standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) - Supports Quality of Service (QOS) - Supports advanced telephone services including CLASS features - Configurable for SIP-based VoIP services - Supports automatic provisioning by service providers - Proven compatibility with SIP-standard servers from Asterisk, Cisco, NetCentrix, Quintum and more Zoom VoIP Telephone Adapter Model 5801 Datasheet Thanks in advance.
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