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  1. It might be useful to post the Word macro up here in the forum. The advantage of a system-wide macro system like iKey, of course, is that it doesn't confine you to using any particular word processor. For example, I transcribe my interviews into Google Docs. AFAIK there's no Google Docs macro system for doing something like that. And if I decide I want to transcribe a particular interview into another text system like TextEdit or Word I can just go ahead without changing anything. And of course with a system-wide macro system too you can always use additional keystrokes to expand th
  2. There are various solutions: on the Mac, for instance, you can use a keyboard macro application like iKey to set up a universal (works across all applications) macro that uses ES's copy-time-to-clipboard followed by the system's insert-from-keyboard. Assign this macro to a single key combo (eg Ctl-Alt-t). This approach doesn't of course "bypass the clipboard", but the user doesn't have to think about the clipboard. There must be similar system-wide macro handlers available for Windows. (Google for "macro free Windows).
  3. This is an excellent and perennially useful piece of software, so I think it's worth chasing up the odd bug. There seems to be a problem with ES 4.05 on the Mac (10.4.11, in my case) when loading larger MP3s. I'm repeatedly finding that in the process of converting them to WAV ES truncates them, losing several minutes off the end of each file. Is this a known bug? The best workaround seems to be to convert the file to WAV using Quicktime Pro. Do not use Switch for this -- significantly it seems to have the same truncation bug, so it looks as if ES may be using the same MP3 conversion r
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