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  1. I wanted to know if anybody elwse was having problem viewing information about remote party from system status page when a call is ongoing. It does not show the actual phone number of the remote party but something like "d225587775fj355874hgff" etc ... That's definetely not useful !!! is that normal ??? How can I get Axon to show the correct number ? Thanks
  2. Hi , can anyone tell me how I can make an OGM to stop audio playback as soon as caller starts inputting data. What I mean by that , I call , IVM picks up and starts with audio message. The problem is that while inputting data , the OGM continues to play audio unlike other IVR that stop the audio. Is there a setting where I can enable the audio cut-off on ket entry ?????? Thanks I appreciate the help.
  3. Well I'm not sure . That's why I wanted to get other people's feedback. In NCH's version information for Axon 2.01 , they say that they added Call Park and Call Pickup feature but they don't mention them anywhere else in the support section. I would be glad to know how to work it and how it performs. >> Hope to get feedback soon.
  4. Hello everyone , I wanted to know if any of you has tried the new features on Axon 2.01 ( Call Park and call Pickup) . I was very very very happy NCH added the Status Tab for line monitoring. So, I would appreciate if anyone could share their impressions on the other features mentionned above. Thanks
  5. Hi Python, you're right there is no way to this via Axon unless you have it customized to do just that. I'm actullay considering having this option in Axon very soon. I'll let you know how that goes.
  6. Hi Everyone I'm trying to simulate the call park feature on my Axon box , since it doesn't do it natively , and I wanted to know if anyone out there found a smart way to do this ???? I tried to use IMS as music on hold provider/park extension. When I configure IMS as an extension , I cannot retrieve the call. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi Guys, I have been using SQLlink plugin for my IVR that is connected with MSSQL server 2005 and so far it works like a charm. I have to admit that it's quite difficult to get it running properly but after a while a got the hang of it. Try the following 1)First of all make sure that your firewall is not blocking any of the ports that SQLlink will be using and/or processes. Some software firewalls will even prevent sqllink to have access to local resources. I would recommend setting up sqllink with no firewall on and once u're done , re-enable it and configure it accordingly. 2) If you have your databaseon a different server, make the firewalls on that server is not blocking sqllink from accessing its ports 3) The "user DSN" will only work for the Simulator. You have to create a "system DSN" to allow other extensions or outside calls to interact with DB. NCH should really add that information on their plugin files/webpage. SQLlink is quite limited actually. It will not allow long SQL statements and will only return one data row. If this is limitation for you , you could try the other scripts created by other users . Good luck on your project !!!
  8. Thanks Pythonpoole. What would NCH users do without you around ???? I'll try to contact NCH again , not that I'm expecting much help from them anytime soon.
  9. I wasn't very specific earlier. Sorry about that. I'm trying to set up a system where a SQL server is monitoring Axon call logs. I want that server to poll the active calls every minute and if the call time has expired to request Axon to hang up the call (specific line). I wanted to know if there was a way to have the call hang-up done by using a script (batch file, VB etc...). I will be using a VOIP provider , if that make a difference... Thanks in a advance for the help
  10. Hi to all, Is there a way for me to control Axon via the command line or VB code ? I'm trying to hang up a line programatically. Does anyone knows how to do this ??
  11. Juki777

    IVM Plugin delay

    Hi to all. I am having a problem running IVM plugins (SQLlink and Genfunc) on my system. I have a Axon - IVM config running on pretty recent (separate) machines with 1GB Ram and 1.66 Ghz CPU and a MSSQL server running a different machine to handle the needs of a small call center. I was able to configure IVM with no problem to work behind firewalls and NAT router. I have close to 60 OGM in total but I have 2 OGMs with no audio that contain 2 sql plugins and 1 genfunc plugin for caller authentification purposes. When IVM runs the OGM , the first sql plugin runs fine the second time a call is answered (not the first) and the second sql plugin just hangs until the end of the OGM for no apparent reason until OGM defaults out . On SQL server (robust production server), the queries have been processed intantaneoulsy but IVM seems to take the longest time to process the results. Please note that 1)the option "SKip to end of OGM immediately when finished running" is activated. 2) This only happens when I call from external line or from internal extension. Problem does not occur with Simulator. With Simulator everything works smoothly . Could anybody help me with this frustrating issue. I feel that I'm so close to my goal. Is it the plugins , IVM or my hardware the problem. Is there anything that I can do to fix this issueThis makes me wonder if IVM will be really able to handle my 12 VOIP line call center efficiently in production environment. I would really appreciate some advice . Thanks in advance.
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