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  1. I literally just saw Carousel and what it does. Is my modem compatible with Carousel? Thanks! EDIT1: I was looking through eBay to get one... and found this: http://cgi.ebay.com/Linksys-SPA3102-Voice-...1QQcmdZViewItem This is the correct one right? What do they cost normally? (As if I went to Best Buy/Target/WalMart or something [if I can find one at a store in San Antonio, please say so!]) EDIT2: I saw some program that connects my modem to Skype and I thought "What about the Skype UpLink?" Would that work?
  2. Hiya, (I'm new to Axon) How can I configure my PCTEL 2304WT V.9x MDC Modem to work with Axon as an external line? If this is not possible, will I have to use one of Linksys' Swhatever things? Thanks!
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