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  1. Please check this thread Insert express scribe time stamp using word macro
  2. Insert Express Scribe time stamp using word macro
  3. Thank you for your interest. I will send it you today itself.
  4. Please don't abuse me. Am not doing anything to harm you. I don't want simply put my macro here for public download. If anybody really needs it, they have to ask me with their email id. I don't think anything is unusual in it.
  5. Please send me your email id. I will send it as soon as possible.
  6. Thank you for your interest. I will send you a copy as soon as possible.
  7. I dont think it(hit ctl T and then V) would work with word and Express Scribe. Thank you
  8. Thank you for your interest. I will send you a copy of macro as soon as possible.
  9. Please give some more information. I think , i can help you
  10. Please send me your email d . i can send you a word macro . it will insert customized scribe time in to a word document cursor position .
  11. Please help me I want to play an audio file from a specific location. Not from the beginning.Can we pass time stamp as argument from the command line ? Or is there any other idea ? Please help me
  12. Hi, malowi

    Please add your email id otherwise how can we contact you

  13. I have a word macro for your use. By pressing a short cut we can put scribe time in to MS word cusor location. not only time with some words too. eg inaudable(3:57) or simply (3:57) . Please send your mail id to me
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