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  1. Ya....so, um....thanks for all the help guys. Greatly appreciated it... One reformat and Vista installation later, i have managed to firgure out (on my own, thanks) that it appears to be a codec problem -- that's it. Nothing complicated -- just didn't have the right codecs installed. Just for the record, even if anyone here in technical support couldn't figure out the problem, it would have been a nice gesture to send some sort of reply -- IDK, maybe "bummer" or "hmm...." or "we'll check into it". Gimme somethin... It's really ironic how much more users are willing to comment when they have the same problem. I mean, think about it: It's a "Support Forum" that only supports you when they can benefit? .....OK Let's try this again...
  2. First of, NCH -- GREAT SOFTWARE! Some of the easiest and best I've come across. Low resource usage, and easy installation.... um....until now.... I have been using Eyeline on my WinXP system for months now, and it works perfectly. I just got a more powerful computer with WinVista on it, and tried running the same software. I downloaded the setup file from the NCH website using Firefox. I used the 'Save to Disk' option (didn't use any download manager like downthemall - idk, this might be of some help in case of possible file corruption?). When I run the program, the WinZip Self-Extractor comes up, followed by the EULA to agree. I click on Agree and then Next, it begins to install, and then says: ******************* -Application error- ******************* (X) File corrupt. ******************* :blink: I have tried downloading the file through NCH, www.download3k.com, and informant .zip through the ....audio.... website (using WinRAR), but to no avail. I have run the apps though compatibility mode for WinXP SP2 mode. I have even tried downloading Debut, and the same error appears. I have attempted every possible remedy I can think of, and have been racking my brain to firgure out what's wrong...Is there anyone that can assist me with this? Thank You Very Much! Richard J. (CTU.CNY)
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