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  1. Yes I do. Previously, I had set up each external line to ring at a specific PBX extension. Now I have each External line ringing to the IVM answering attendant with specific Out Going Message set for a specific Line. This only seems to be the issue with the external VoIP lines. I also have a third land line set up on a SIPURA 3000, which then registers to the AXON as an external line and that one never gives this alarm. Thanks
  2. I get the same error message for the two External Lines I have provisioned. Would like to know whats causing these error messages and how to fix them??
  3. did you ever get an answer? I am trying to install it on Fedora Core 9 and am running into issues. seems like they don't have any documentation on how to install the linux version. If you have had any luck, please let me know. thanks.
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