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  1. Well, I just learned a valuable lesson. Read the forums before you buy something. I purchased SoundTap about 2 hours ago after listening to the demo. I really liked the quality & the 50% off deal through the end of Mar too. I never realized I clicked the option for their silver level (suspect it was the default on purpose??), so I just got charged an extra $8. Like many of you, I'm running Vista (Ultimate) & my system has already BSOD 4 times. I thought I was figuring a work around by making sure I closed SoundTap BEFORE stopping a stream, but it crashes that way too. I did manage to record 1.5 hours before it locked up. When I tried to shut down the stream & restart it - my computer crashed again. If I had read the info on their various "Paid Techinical Support Plans" I probably wouldn't have bought this product because their policy is NOT customer focused. I've sent a bug report in, but if I don't hear back from Tech support with a very good solution, I'll contact my credit card company to put a hold on the charge.
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