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  1. Then their web site is a little misleading where they say: All calls (including those answered by you) are logged with date, time and caller ID. And under features they list: Caller ID logging (even if no message is left) and optional on-screen caller ID flash display. That is why I was confused when it did not log unanswered calls.... John W.
  2. New it IVM. I have version 4.08. I have the system working. When I receive a call there is a pop-up that announces the Modem, Phone number, and Name. If the user hangs up without leaving a message, there is no record of the caller id in the logs. The "Most Recent Call Line 1" only show: 19:59:06 Ringing on Line USB Modem detected. Waiting until ring number 3. 19:59:18 Call disconnected The "Call Log" only show answered calls and does not include any unanswered calls. 19:14:04 IVM Answering Attendant Run 19:17:36 USB Modem 1234567890 [Answered] 19:24:35 USB Modem 1234567890 [Answe
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