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  1. Has anyone used a PowerMic II from Dictatphone and been able to get it to work with Express Dictate? I can use it as a microphone but none of the buttons work. I tried adding Keys to make the buttons work, but apparently this only works for keyboard buttons, not microphone buttons. Thanks.
  2. I noticed there was a new version out (5.01). I'm not on a very old version, 4.something, I installed it a little over a month ago. Interestingly, after installing 5.01 the missing dictation showed up on the dictation list. I was able to send it off to my transcriptionist. Is there any way to be notified when new version become available?
  3. I did 5 dictations yesterday and sent them to my transcriptionist. However, they only received 4. In my "Send" file I only see 4 ddf/dau files. In my log file I see this: "09:22:28","Dictation 49","03:20","2008-04-17 09:11:21","" "10:34:36","Dictation 50","00:56","2008-04-17 10:32:27","Transcription" "10:54:58","Dictation 51","03:20","2008-04-17 10:43:29","Transcription" "11:06:29","Dictation 52","00:56","2008-04-17 11:02:03","Transcription" "11:17:54","Dictation 53","03:20","2008-04-17 11:11:42","Transcription" Why did the first one of the day not go to Transcription? I have only one destination in my Send settings, and that is for "Transcription". The oldest ddf/dau file in the "Send" folder is from 10:34.
  4. I have been able to get this button to work on a few computers, it sends to the Default Send location. However, on other computers it still does not send. Express Dictate says "Packing DCT file" rather than connecting to the FTP location and sending the file. I also have one computer that was originally sending but is now Packing DCT whenever I hit the EOL button. Still have not been able to get the INS/OVR and function buttons to work. I signed up for the Premium support on Thursday and e-mailed my question to NCH, however, they have still not got back to me. Does anyone know what their typical turnaround time on answering e-mails is?
  5. I have a Philips SpeechMike Pro, LFH5276. There are a few buttons that I have been unable to get to work properly. In Options -> Devices I have specified the device as a SpeechMike under "Use Control Port" EOL - This button is supposed to send my dictation to the default recipient. I have set up the recipient, I am able to send to the recipient by pressing the "Send" button in Express Dictate, it shows a brief popup and uploads the dictation to my FTP site and removes the dictation from my screen. However, when I press the EOL button I see the popup that appears when sending a file, it disappears, but the dictation remains on the screen. If I check the FTP site it has not uploaded the file. INS/OVR - I would like to be able to toggle between Insert and Override mode using the SpeechMike. It has a button for this called INS/OVR. However, I am unable to get this button to do anything and it always defaults to Record at End. Function Buttons - My SpeechMike has four function buttons. I would like to program these buttons to do something. If I go to Options -> Keys and try to add one of the function buttons, nothing happens. It doesn't detect the key press. This goes for all key presses on the handheld. I can program hotkeys on the keyboard, but I would also like to program the function buttons. Is it possible to get these keys to work as intended in Express Dictate?
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