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  1. this is a limitation of OSX?? because XRECODE II (via CROSSOVER) converts one to one without upsampling.
  2. why the switch in mode .mpc convert any file to 48khz frequency????
  3. I record my webcam using AVI and MKV encoding but it puts my CPU to maximum load. After a couple of hours it literally is gonna melt my laptop. What encoding option is with the least CPU load possible ? File size does not matter. Thanks
  4. I'm trying to download the 2.36 version of Videopad and it won't let me. It will automatically update to version 2.41 every time I try. Please let me know specifically how I can fix this problem.
  5. Does the PPC version of Pocket Talk have command line options, like Express Talk?
  6. I've successfully converted the video with Prism, but the audio is consistently out with the video. I've looked for ways to separate out the audio and video tracks so I could add a short silence to one of the tracks and thereby sync them up again but without success. Is there a workaround, or a really obvious answer somewhere? Thanks in advance, John Stilwell.
  7. Please could u send me the 4.08 Thank you.. Tray2004@msn.com
  8. I ripped several albums, and on only *one* of these albums, three of the five tracks have 'n' in the "extended information" column. I don't see this column discussed in the online help. Does anyone know what this means??
  9. When converting from wma CBR to mp3 VBR I have noticed that it increases the length of the file. On further inspection it appears that it as stretched the audio file and has as such decreased the pitch from the original. This is unacceptable. Am I the only one with this problem? Ben
  10. http://support.sony-europe.com/dna/downloa...WVP&f=MP3CT Theres the OMA to MP3 converter as provided by sony
  11. Hello. When opening an .OGG file in wavepad the first time, it connected to the internet and I assume it downloaded the .OGG codec, but every file of that format I try to open only loads the first 5 seconds of audio and nothing else, happens with every .OGG file. The same file opens completely on WinAmp without problems and fully (1 minute audio or more). Any ideas why Wavepad does not open the files fully? Thank you in advance.
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