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  1. Hello, Since upgrade to the last Axon Version, when I try to access from another computer to the URL i got the following error message : Your session is expired. Please Click Here to relogin. What did I do wrong ? Thanks, ALex.
  2. I've got exactly same problem. Intersted in a fix.
  3. Hello, Thank you for giving up your files. I tried to install it on my vocal server (Win2K3) where IVM is running, but i encountered an error whil tryinbg to launch dialer.exe, even following readme instructions. Thanks for help, Alex.
  4. Hello Matt, I'm very interested by this mod but i need more explanations, regarding ease of setup and Click on Number function. How does it work ? I would easier see a Click on number-feature with Express Talk. Thanks, Alex.
  5. I've got exactly same problem too. Delay does matter. I think it may be a bug of Axon. I downgraded to 1.20 to sse if it works (from 2.0) but nothing changed. It worked few time ago...
  6. Hello everyone, I've got exactly same problem with Axon Call Queues : For example with IVM : when i transfer a call to a group (ex : 701, with 2 extensions), the call is transfered but : > The prompt answer isn't played - Even the default prompt > The extensions are called immeditately despite a fixed delay > There's no music played although the music on hold player is working fine. (Silence even with classic Ringtone selected) It's not working since a fery few time and I've absolutly no idea to explain this issue. Thanks for helping or giving hints in order to reso
  7. I'm encountering exactly the same problem. When i put a caller on hold, i'm hearing the external SIP provider On Hold music. I tried to change IMS'port instead of 606 but it does not seem to change something.
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