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  1. I am currently using Broadcam "right out of the box" so to speak. I have read many of the posts - including the excellent tutorial, the techniques which I have not so far tried. But I have some issues which I haven't seen mentioned and of which I would like very much have a better understanding. The first issue has to do with delays. While streaming it seems the viewing browser gets more and more behind the real camera view. I find that when the real world (as seen by the camera) supplies 30 seconds of information the browser takes 38 seconds to display this. The measurement is made both with a stopwatch and with the superimposed date/time display This causes a delay which accumulates during the viewing so that the picture can become many minutes or hours behind real time. If the browser is refreshed the timing is reset to reality. I have tried this with three deferent browsers - IE, of course, Chrome and FireFox, on two different machines. I have varied the bit rates between 64 and 512 with no perceptible difference in this delay effect. The streaming server is a 2.6 Ghz windows machine. The second issue has to do with camera synch. I am streaming from a fairly hi-def camera - 720p. I find that the device input setting must be for "video composite in" (even though the input stream is digital through a USB port just like th usual webcam) and under that setting the stream looks good (other than the delay mentioned above). However *usually* as soon as I back out with OK’s the system loses synch with the camera and the input setting automatically switches to "video tuner in." I guess in the opposite order of course. The third issue has to do with the "viewers total." I find that it does not reflect the number of viewers. Currently it shows 3/3 even though the LogMeIn dashboard shows network traffic loads of up to 10 users, deduced from the steps seen in the traffic loads. The streaming is usually monitored and operated from a remotely-operated system; I use Logmein for this purpose. It seems to make no difference in regard to these issues whether I am connected remotely or not. I don't know if I will be continuing the test period wen you read this, but if I am it may be seen at http://beachcam.deweytown.us/bc . I feel I must resolve these issues before purchasing BroadCam and putting it into operational status.
  2. Topic description is a fair explanation of my problem. I want to use a low rate as all I'm using it for is to record a conference, but when I select 8 (as a trial) the record rate as seen on the Recordpad window says 128 and tests show the file is the same size per minute as when I select 128. How can I get the the lower rate to be used? I'm recording in MP3 in case it makes a difference.
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