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  1. Finally, she passed this trouble to the developers... Now we have a ghostly hope, that in the next release it would be fixed.
  2. Sent her a PM, waiting for the answer...
  3. Countless number of times... I've also sent private message to their forum accounts, to their emails... I hoped they would fix it in 2.00 version (at last in commercial edition) BUT NO LUCK! THEY EVEN DIDNT ANSWER!
  4. When I connect my VoIP gateway DIRECTRLY to SIP provider, I have no troubles with sending\receiving faxes in T.38 or G.711 pass-thru, 90% of faxes are sent\received successfully.
  5. Version 2.0 has the same bug!!! It is totally impossible to send\receive faxes via axon!!! In T.38 there is "no_signal" message (in direct connection to SIP server T.38 works fine), and G711 FAX Passthru also could not be used, because AXON responds "408 Request Timeout" to remote host, but not "488 Not Acceptable Here". COULD SOMEONE INFLUENCE TO SUPPORT IN ORDER TO FIX THIS PROBLEM?
  6. There no answer to the question - why AXON sends "Request Timeout" to remote server, instead of forwarding "Not Acceptable Here"...
  8. So nobody gonna answer about "Request Timeout" to remote server, after AXON receives "Not Acceptable Here" from local client?
  9. Axon 1.31 + Linksys SPA2102 (5.1.12) 1) Axon sends "408 Request Timeout" to remote host, after receives "488 Not Acceptable Here" from local host. When remote SIP host detects FAX call, it tryes to reinvite to T.38 protocol, after that AXON sends "Invite" to Linksys SPA-2102 and gets "488 Not Acceptable Here" answer (because T.38 is disabled on Linksys, as it is not correctly supported on all SIP hosts), than it for unknown reason sends "408 Request Timeout" to remote SIP host and session ends. Why it sends "408" but not "488" ??? 03:28:48 NAT Keep Alive Packet Sent to stun01.si
  10. Any ideas where to find the OLD distribution kit?
  11. Using VRS to record AXON PBX, it correctly detects the calls, starts to record but a) during the call, the graphic bar of the line in VRS is blank (no movement); after hanging down, I got file size about 150bytes and 0 seconds long. Any logs for that problem? Whats the trouble? P.S. The computer where I using VRS has no sound card, I hope that doesnt matter...?
  12. It exists and as you can see on the log, it connects to it. Strange behaviour.
  13. Using VRS Recorder for recording digital channels from AXON PBX. While using it for internal calls, the connection sometimes drops just after one of the callee picks up the phone. If it not drops in first few seconds, I see the graph of VRS Recorder moving, but its level in the red zone, so the recorded file it totally useless, its full of metal crackling sounds, and it is impossible catch any voice from it. Analog recording (from mic. of the sound card - works fine). When using it for external calls, via the external SIP server, the call never starts to record. I hear incoming call,
  14. Using latest AXON PBX on WinXP SP2 + SJPhone and Linksys SPA2102. 1) Regularly I got message: axon background service crashed because of abnormal exception, it restartes and working fine again. But how to get debug? What is causing it? 2) During internal calls I sometimes got 404 error: 16:13:50 Call 102 -> sip:101@ 16:13:50 Error returned: 404 Not Found 16:13:55 Call 102 -> sip:101@ answered 16:14:02 Call 102 -> sip:101@ disconnected Why? How to get rid of it?
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