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  1. Thanks for your answer and support pythonpoole. It's running on a w2k server sp4. Same result after restart. All hidden/system files are showing. All temp folders are empty. When I add all folders and files there is still missing 1.2 Gb on drive c: It must be that the program reserves some space withought returning it when done. The same procedure is used when there are errors on the disk. The bad space is blocked. But this disk has no errors. Maybe some hd tool can release that space back? It's 2 dynamic disks that are mirrored. Thanks for any suggestion.
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    Hi Metaclassing, I'm looking for the same thing. I just want those salesmen to hear a sound from a wav file. I have a long list of unwanted callers in a text file. Did you manage to get hold of such a program? For how much?
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    No sound local

    Sometimes when I make a local call, there is only sound in one direction. If I use the whole number for incoming calls it's ok. That is because when I dial the line (101) directly, I cannot benefit of "Advanced Line Settings", where "Always replay audio (only use if one direction audio lost)" can be activated. One solution is to create "extra" "External Lines" for each Extension with it's specific number for easy dialing, but I don't like that solution. Is there a way to solve this?
  4. Doesn't anybody have the same problem?
  5. I'm not shure, but I think that both parts (caller and receiver) must support the same codec.
  6. I think you have to make 5 different rules. If the number starts with: 01 02 03 04 05
  7. Axon/Quorum/VRS is taking hidden space from C drive. Lately I've noticed that space is disappearing from drive C, and I think Axon, Quorum or VRS is causing this. My partition C is 5 Gb, and all files and folders are all together 3.5 Gb. Still there is only 300 Mb left, and the space becomes smaller and smaller. When I installed Axon about 8 months ago the remaining space was 1.5 Gb. What has happened to the 1.2 Gb ? My recycle bin is empty, and I can see all system/hidden files. I know it must be Axon related software behind this, since I earlier had the Axon software on a different server, where the same problem occured. At that time I had to reformat the drive to get the space back. Now I have two questions: 1. Is Axon, Quorum or VRS using some hidden space on drive C ? 2. How can I get that space back?
  8. Still no softphone to recommend for this?
  9. You can delete them in Registry
  10. Thanks for your suggestion, but I do not have IVM nor OGM. The idea with an extension to a softphone that kills all blacklisted numbers seems good, but as you said, the problem is to find a soft phone with that type of black-listing capability.
  11. Is it possible to put in a blacklist in Axon to block phone salesmen? I can't find it in any menu, but maybe in registry or in a config file.
  12. Problem solved. UPnP in my router wasn't enough. My router is: Linksys WRT54GL 1.1 with firmware DD-WRT v24 RC-6 I had to forward the RTP ports(UDP) to the ATA.
  13. On the registration request Axon replies: (EE.EE.EE.EE = my ip) 12:39:59 UDP Packet Sent to EE.EE.EE.EE:5060 >>>>>>>> SIP/2.0 200 OK Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9xxxxxxu2r;rport To: <sip:151@servername> From: <sip:151@servername>;tag=39xxxxxxxx2a3 Call-ID: a8Sxxxxxxnuvi-4RM CSeq: 539 REGISTER User-Agent: NCH Swift Sound Axon 1.30 Contact: <sip:151@EE.EE.EE.EE>;expires=60;q=0.5 Contact: <sip:151@EE.EE.EE.EE>;expires=60;q=0.5 Contact: <sip:151@EE.EE.EE.EE;transport=UDP>;expires=1605;q =0.5 Contact: <sip:151@EE.EE.EE.EE;comp=sigcomp>;expires=2038;q= 0.5 Content-Length: 0 ----------------------------------------------------------------- It looks as if it got registered, but the phone doesn't understand it.
  14. Thanks for your quick reply. I can call internal now. The other phone rings and I can answer. But there is no sound either way. If I call my own number and answer on another extension the sound is ok.
  15. I've been trying to register my Nokia E51 with no success. In the phone it just shows: "could not register". In the Axon admin site, Status shows it as registered with new expire time each time I try to register, but the port doesn't show as it should. I've also tried to change port to 5061. Not good. It hangs. If I try to make a call it only makes a new attempt to register. It seems like it does get registered, but the phone doesn't recognize the registration. Any help would be appreciated. These are the setting I use, assuming Axon computer is called "axonserver" with ip of xx.xx.xx.xx Profile name: Axon Service profile: IETF Default access point: "My network" Public user name: sip:103@axonserver Use compression: No Registration: Always Use security: No Proxy server Proxy server address: sip:xx.xx.xx.xx Realm: axon@axonserver User name: 103 Password: **** Allow loose routing: Yes Transport type: UDP Port: 5060 Registrar server Registrar server address: sip:xx.xx.xx.xx Realm: axon@axonserver User name: 103 Password: **** Transport type: UDP Port: 5060
  16. Incoming and outgoing calls works fine, but if I try to call extension 105 from extension 101, I only get: "error 503 Service Unavailable" in the log file. The only way to make an Internal call is to set up an External Line with for example External line name: 123 and have it ring on 105. No Gateway Server and no password. But I don't think that's the way it's supposed to work. How can I solve this problem?
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