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  1. I've been using IMS for quite some time (previous version was 3.2, I think). I recently had to re-install it and ended up having to upgrade it (the old registration would not work with the old software or new software version). Now, the Text to Speech isn't recording properly. Everything looks 'right' when I try to create a synthesized message, but when it plays, it's only a fraction of a second long. I've tried re-installing IMS as well as the text to speech software (AT&T Audrey), but the problem persists. I uninstallled the new version of IM (4.10) and re-installed the old version of IMS, and everything works fine. But, since I can no longer register the old version, I'm stuck with having to use the new version of IMS (4.10). Any suggestions? John Rayfield, Jr. www.rayfield.net
  2. I decided to get back to this problem and try to get Broadwave working again. I am using the 'free' version and I do have the necessary links on my website. When I try to connect to Broadwave, it indicates that I have connected, but Windows Media Player actually never connects. I've got the ports open properly through my firewall/router and 'pointed' to the computer on which Broadwave is installed. I've tried connecting from another computer on the same LAN where Broadwave is installed and that doesn't work either. I've uninstalled and re-installed Broadwave, but that didn't work either. Any ideas? John
  3. I had Broadwave working fine and then it just quit. When I try to connect to it, even from the computer on which it is installed, the message screen in Broadwave indicates that I have connected and that audio is streaming. However, Media Player just sits there with a 'Connecting' message and never actually connects. Any ideas from anyone as to what the problem might be? John Rayfield, Jr.
  4. My current pbx system has the capability of 'paging' (dialing up a pager or cell phone) a person, after a call comes into the pbx and the caller leaves a message. We use this for emergency service call personnel. Is there a way to do this with Axon, IVM, and VRS? John
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