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  1. Just an update - I think I've got this sorted. I went into the properties of the OGM and in the 'Key Response' tab I set them all to 'No Response' (Especially the one that had a respose to 'leave message') This seems to have done the trick. There must have been something in the message that IVM was picking up on Just noticed on the bottom display window - Caller pressed Key [1] - when the message is playing. This is even happening when I change the message. Not going to worry too much about it now If you have any Ideas about the Caller Id thing - would love to hear them Regards Stephen
  2. Hi, I have IVM v4.01 and a MultiTech MultiModem MT5634ZPX-PCI-U-GB and the OGM finally works after spending ages trying to get a zoom 3025C working. The main problem now is that the OGM stops short most of the time and then sometimes it plays the full 15 seconds before the 'BEEP' for the user. Just to note, the message stops short at the same point each time, it doesn't appear to be a random thing. Any Ideas? The other thing is that the Caller Id (that was working with the Zoom 3025C) is not working either - any quick fixes for this??? Thanks for the help in advance Stephen
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