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  1. Well it looks like this was a router issue, I have a linksys wrt54gs and it was not working with Axon. It would work with other software but not Axon or Express Talk. To fix this I upgraded the firmware on the linksys to an open source firmware called dd-wrt. after the upgrade I setup all of the port forwards for voip and everything is working just fine.
  2. I have a ViaTalk account which is setup and working (I have tested it with X-Lite, Register, Calls in, Calls out), When I setup this account in Axon I get the following error: (Number replaced with X's) ***************************************************************** 00:53:06 Attempting to register sip:XXXXXXXXXXX@houston-1a.vtnoc.net 00:53:19 Attempting to register sip:XXXXXXXXXXX@houston-1a.vtnoc.net 00:53:55 Register authorization failed for sip:XXXXXXXXXXX@houston-1a.vtnoc.net 00:53:55 Error returned : 401 Unauthorized 00:53:55 Check username or password for the proxy server. *
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