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  1. Just downloaded Express Scribe v5.03 and it doesn't work in that either. To answer your questions: When I load the same files without using drag and drop it loads perfectly it's just drag and drop that doesn't work. No, the dictation doesn't appear in the list, no time duration, no status bar - nothing at all happens. My original problem was when I upgraded to Windows 7 Express Scribe wouldn't play any files. Contacted Technical Support and they suggested to go revert back to Vista as Express Scribe was out before Windows 7 - that worked perfectly. By the way what's happened to the file types in ES v5.03? Does it not list the file extensions that plays in ES anymore? Thanks for all your help.
  2. I have updated to Windows 7 and since doing that I'm having problems with drag and drop. Using Express Scribe v 5.01 and when I try to drag a file from the desktop into Express Scribe nothing happens. I click the mouse on the file and I get the '+' sign and it still shows when in Express Scribe but doesn't load. Does anybody else that this problem? When I originally loaded ES I couldn't get it to work with Windows 7 and got on to Technical Support and they said to roll ES back to Vista which works fine but no drag and drop. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I know I am putting this in the wrong section and it's not really a software issue so apologies for that, but does anybody know where I can change my username for signing into nch website? I have checked my Control Panel where it gives information on changing your password but not username, email address etc. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks. Stasia.
  4. I have exactly the same problem. I loaded the VOB files directly from DVD to desktop then into Scribe - shows file, shows duration but nothing happens, it won't play at all, no audio, no video, nothing. But, the interesting thing is I also loaded the same file to Scribe on my laptop and guess what? it works perfectly with exactly the same files from the same DVD? The video plays perfectly? What can be wrong does anybody know or maybe the developers could throw a bit of light on this? Stasia.
  5. Same happened with me. Have you gone into Control Panel, Sounds and Audio devices, click Audio and check that the Sound Playback is set to the Default device and not Sound Tap? That should work. Stasia.
  6. I have just downloaded Sound Tap and when I record on it a voice keeps repeating 'Purchase Sound Tap now' or something like that over the audio. Is Sound Tap only free for a trial period and then you purchase or is it supposed to be free?? Thanks.
  7. Does anybody else have the same problem as this: I have downloaded Pedable twice now and have uninstalled it again because each time I have had the same issues. I set up Pedable with the global keys for use with Windows Media Player i.e. Ctrl P = Play & Pause, Ctrl + Shift + B = Rewind and that all works and perfectly when using Pedable with Foot Pedal to transcribe through Media Player into Microsoft Word Document. However when I go to using Express Scribe then with the foot pedal, again through Microsoft Word, as soon as I press Play on the foot pedal Microsoft Word locks i.e. mouse locks completely with no reaction and I can't type either. At this stage the only programmes I have open are Express Scribe and Microsoft Word. So when I uninstall Pedable everything works perfectly. Is there something here I am missing while setting up Pedable? Pedable is great for transcribing video through Media Player, well done to the developers on this one, but I think it can be improved on a bit more. Anybody got any suggestions? Thanks.
  8. I downloaded Pedable to use the foot pedal with Media Player and set up the relevant media player hot keys to the rewind, play and fastforward pedals. Unfortunately I could only get the play pedal to work with media player. When I switched to Express Scribe the settings there had changed i.e. when pressing the play pedal along with playing the audio the 'print' dialogue screen opened as well and the fastfoward pedal the 'forward transcription' dialogue screen opened. The play pedal remained fine. Has anybody else had this problem and if so were you able to fix it. Thanks.
  9. Does anybody know if the developers are making progress with the foot pedal to work with Windows Media Player. It would be so handy when transcribing DVDs. I read on an earlier topic where the developers were working on this. Thanks.
  10. I have two channels showing in my window, is this correct or should there be more. I seem to remember somewhere in the past that there were 4 channels? Stasia.
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