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  1. Hello. I recently installed Express Dictate software and am trying to configure the Settings/User Settings/Options page. I am looking for suggestions/examples of XML Tags or Prompts. We need to prompt our physicians for data (OP note, consult, history & physical, discharge summary). I was wondering what or if an XML tag can be used for this. I placed abbreviations in the Prompt field. When the recording starts, it prompts the user to enter/type the dictation type (op note, consult, etc) but when it goes over to the Espress Scribe computer, there are brackets before and after the note. These brackets contain nothing unless I enter information into the XML Tag window, then that data appears. I am trying to make this system as simple to use as possible. If there is a way to click w/mouse on the prompt message, it would save time. I am really looking for directions / examples on how to use these fields properly. If anyone knows, please point me in the right direction! Thank you in advance.
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