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  1. Hi, I have been using 1.30 for about a year with 4 internal extensions and 4 external lines....the PC has just gone bang and i need to re-install, but am now faced with having to buy the newer version (as i have 4 lines) Is the old 1.3 version available somewhere for download please? Thanks Matthew
  2. Here you go, this is the fist tool, to dial from a webpage (or any URL):- http://www.red-data.f2s.com/axondial.zip Please note, none of these tools need any changes to your Axon config or files. Documentation Coming soon:- Call logging Webpage to show inbound and outbound calls in browser. Missed Call Email System - send an email out when a call is unanswered (or all calls if you like)
  3. hi, you add a registry entry on the PC you want to use it on, and a couple fo files into c:\windows, then run a simple config, after that when you click on a link, such as Dial This It will dial the number you clicked on your handset.
  4. I have compiled a few tools to allow you to do the following, if there is enough interest i will package it up and do some documentation:- 1) ASP Page showing received and dialled calls made from Axon (added to our intranet) 2) URL integration to any web page, so you can click on a number (any hyperlink) and dial the number without lifting the phone. 3) Missed Call Email system, When a missed call is detected (call duration of 0) an email is sent out to whoever you like.
  5. Hi, Using Axon with Linksys SPA941 and all working a treat, i need a way to pop incoming calls on my PC from contacts saved in Outlook we have a tool to do this currently called "identapop" but it connects to a TAPI driver. Is there a way to do this with AXON? Thanks Matthew
  6. Hi, I need a way of having different ringtones for calls inbound on the different lines to make sure that calls are answered correctly. Is this possible with Express talk? If not can it be added to the suggestions list please! Also is there a way of integrating it with TAPI Matthew
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