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  1. Reinstalled QT, so now my .MOV files have an association. Still won't load in VideoPad. Downloaded the codec pack. Video still won't load in VideoPad and when I tried to watch it in Windows Media Player I got the audio but no video. Read the review, especially the part about the poor video quality. I had already been thinking about returning the camera and going with the Zi8 or the Flip because of the better quality.
  2. Thanks Blob I use a Kodak Zi6 camera. It would appear you are correct about the codec. I noticed the older .MOV movies I have stored on my desktop don't have a file association after I uninstalled Kodak's MediaImpression software. I downloaded Prism Video Coverter, converted the .MOV file to a .avi file and that worked fine in the editor. Is the correct codec available either with our without purchasing the registration key for VideoPad?
  3. I have downloaded the VideoPad demo; however, when I attempt to import a .mov file (92 mb) from my desktop I receive an error message that says "Unable to open file" I searched the help files but could not find a solution. Any help is appreciated before I purchase the software key.
  4. From the Zoom info: Time Stamp and Track Marker functions in Broadcast WAV Format (BWF) Further checking tells me that the recording will be saved as a .wav file. Thanks for the reply, as sarcastic as it was!
  5. I am considering purchasing a portable digital recorder that would be recording play-by-play in broadcast WAV file. Will WavePad convert a BWF file to mp3? I don't see it listed in the file types in the options menu. Will it recognize the file as a WAV?
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