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  1. I know this is an old post but does anyone have any advice on how to do this? I would like to send some of dicatations that are currently in .dct format to a transcription service that would like the files inf .wav format.
  2. We have a much different setup in our office, we have conencted DialDictate to our Cisco IP Phone system and all of our doctors dictate using the phone on thier desks and the dictation gets sent to our transcriptionists right away. I have to say, I downloaded the demo, tested it for a week, got the setup working perfectly, bought it, and haven't had a second thought over the last year of it's use. Setting it up with one line and modem for a doctor should be pretty simple since you don't have to tie it into and exisiting phone system. This software is very flexible and with Express Scribe being free you only have to buy the DialDictate software. I would definately recomend that you give it a try.
  3. Would multiple installations to multiple directories work? I'm not sure where the license files get stored but as long as it's in the instalation dorectory it might work. but if someone knows exactly where this info gets stored it might work. OR if it's a registry key you would always write a script that updated the registry with the correct license infomration then launch the program after the registry change is made. Either way it wouldn't be as simple as differnt user accounts.
  4. I have Call Manager 4.3 and got Dial Dictate to work with it this morning using the Demo License, I think I'll be purcahsing this later this week now that I've got the two working together. I did have to create a SIP Trunk for Call Manager to send the Calls to the Dial Dictate Server. If anyone needs help I should be able to provide some examples. The only thing I've seen that I'd like to find an answer is that Dial Dicatate displays "Server x.x.x.x did not respond to register (sip:1000@x.x.x.x)" x.x.x.x actually displays my server's IP address but I removed it. 1000 is my Dial Dictate Servers Extension. Please let me know if anyone knows how to stop dial dictate from trying to register with my Call Manager.
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