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  1. Congrats on your venture. When will you have it up and running? If it's available now, I'll solve my call transfer problem by setting up my account with you.
  2. I'm setting up IVM (I have version 4.5, so if an upgrade is the only way to make this possible, please let me know) and I have all incoming sales calls routed to a voip hardphone extension. But if I'm not there to answer, I'd like it to transfer the call after 4 rings to my cell. There is some reference in the help menu to the fact that it must be a voip transfer - so I can't just enter my cell #, right? So do I need to forward to a voip # (I use callcentric), and have them transfer the call to my cell? I read on another forum post that there was a problem with callcentric and transfers - do
  3. OK, Here's my best shot at that. Axon knows because the new packets have different source info in the packet headers. Callcentric issues the data with different identifiers, and axon sends them to different extensions. That's why you need the extensions, so the incoming call data can be routed to different locations, despite the fact that you have one line. (If someone more knowledgeable than me is rolling their eyes right now at my rudimentary grasp of this, please feel free to correct me!)
  4. Thanks, Don, I'll try opening a few more ports. Does anyone use other stun servers than the ones preloaded by NCH? Is there any benefit in switching?
  5. I read in the help menu that there is a "mailbox special menu" that goes like this: they enter the mailbox and get an OGM that says, "when you've finished recording, press pound." They record, press pound, and get three choices: 1 to record again, 2 to listen, 9 to end call (I'm assuming with the message saved.) But I can't locate these choices in the pull down menus for the key press options, or in the mailbox properties. Please help!
  6. My understanding is that the "lines" are outgoing lines. I too am not as interested in outgoing calls and will rarely need Express Talk. The incoming calls are routed to 'extensions" - so you have one line, in that callcentric allows only one call out at a time, but you have a few extensions per line, because Callcentric allows a few - ( it may be two per line) calls to come in simultaneously. ( They don't state how many exactly in their support, because it depends on the plan you buy. I've got a toll free number, which entitles me to 2 "channels" per line. I can pay for more channels on the
  7. Don, I also have a Callcentric DID and asked similar questions. You can read the detailed answers provided by pythonpole at http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=7999 (See his posts # 4 and #6)
  8. I have newly set up this system, and I've made a few test calls, but today I'm getting an error message, "Unable to detect public IP" .There may be a simple answer, because Axon did register with my voip provider for a fer minutes, then I got "stun server failed messages". So perhaps these stun servers will be restored. Can I substitute other stun servers instead to work around this? My fear is that this is a NAT router issue. When I run the network setup wizard in axon, I get a warning that I will have a poor connection because I'm behind a symmetric NAT router. For my few test calls, it d
  9. Excellent. I got the SPA942 and Expresstalk working per your instructions. I'm setting up the express talk with IVM next, and so I can get simultaneous voice mails that way, on the one softphone. My problem is that all the discussions about pbx setups assume lots of calls out, or talk between extensions. I'm generating few calls out, but I'm going to receive lots of people calling in to leave voicemail. If I expand beyond the 6 lines the one softphone allows, can I install multiple copies of Express Talk? How do I configure the many voicemail boxes axon allows (assuming I buy more lines fr
  10. Thanks, this is super helpful. I'll get started with creating the extensions. Currently, I have one softphone, and it has 6 lines. But can I only use one of those lines if it's an extension for incoming calls? So then I'd need to download multiple copies of the Express Talk softphone?
  11. I'm hoping you can advise a struggling newbie, especially as I'm not used to any pbx routing before this, so the axon config settings for the phones has stumped me. I downloaded Express talk and axon, and purchased a linksys SPA942. I have a callcentric trunk, with an 800# DID. I need to have the 800# route sales calls to the IP phone, and the rest of the calls to multiple extensions on the softphone, where I'll just record messages on voicemail. Callcentric said I had both the express talk and axon registering, causing a conflict. So I've got to change the ExpressTalk settings so that it
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