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  1. Thank you jeffreyh. I have had generally acceptable results with NCH software but they have what I consider to be an unusual approach to customer care and the cultivation of their loyalty. We have been in communication about the problem I encountered, but I am not satisfied. Their solution was to burn an ISO image of the files and then burn a new disc from that. While that may achieve the end result, it doesn't answer the question regarding the failure of the procedure in the program's user manual to achieve those results. A procedure which I had previously followed with success. Is it, I wonder, don't know or don't care? Can't think of any other reason.
  2. I'm using Express Burn Plus 4.54. I first burnt two mp4 files to a d,v,d, some months ago, and it plays back ok in VLC player. I have just burnt the same files to a new d.v.d. but it doesn't play. Both d.v.ds are Verbatim, they're d.v.d.-r, and both from the same pack. I opened both to examine the files actually on the discs and found that they're different. On the good one they are: AUDIO TS folder empty VIDEO TS folder: VIDEO TS.BUP VIDEO TS.IFO VTS 01 0.BUP VTS 01 0.IFO VTS 01 1.VOB VTS 01 2.VOB VTS 01 3.VOB VTS 01 4.VOB VTS 01 5.VOB and on the bad one: AUDIO TS folder empty VIDEO TS folder: VIDEO TS.BUP VIDEO TS.IFO VTS 01 0.BUP VTS 01 0.IFO VTS 01 1.VOB VTS 02 0.BUP VTS 02 0.IFO VTS 02 1.VOB What accounts for this difference? Have I done something wrong? I can't rememebr doing anything different when I burnt the first disc, and the procedure is very simple.
  3. I just tried to burn a .exe file, a .txt file and two .pdf files on a Verbatim CD-R. After the disc verification finished I was presented with a window which said There were errors burning your ISO CD disc (sic). Error Message: Error Reading from Disc Additional Error Information Source File Opening the burnt disc shows that all four files are present. So what is the problem?
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