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  1. Yes, I opend it on my router (portforwarding 16384-16482 to the IPaddress of the S685IP) and on my Norton Internet Security Firewall that host the Axon program. Good Luck, Kevin
  2. KevinC

    Axon 2.01 error 501

    Hello, I reinstalled my PC from an image file dated januari 2008. I was using Axon 1.20 at that time. Everything works fine now. Then I upgraded my Norton Internet Security 2008 to NIS2009. Everything keeps working. So my conclusion: It has to do with the upgrade from Axon to 2.01 Maybe I installed the Axonplus 2.01 version. As I don't have 10 lines, I don't need the plus version. Can anywine confirm that the problem I experienced was caused by the Axon plus verion? Can anyone confirm that I can upgrade to the Axon 2.01 (light version) without having this problem again? Thanks, Kevin
  3. Hello, Two things have changed on my PC. I installed Axon 2.01 I installed Norton Internet Security 2009 I can't remember what I installed first. Anyway, everything worked fine after these upgrades. But today I had to restart my PC. Since then all my extentions cannon register in Axon. Also the Localhost extentsions don't register. I disabled all firewall settings on Norton Internet Security, no luck!! I uninstalled axon, installed version 1.2 and 2.01. No succes. Can anyone help me?? Thanks, Kevin
  4. Hi everyone, This did the trick: opend the ports 16384-16482 Greetings, Kevin
  5. Hi, I managed to connect the Siemens with the Axon, both local and over the internet. I needed to fill in the field DOMAIN in the setup of the Siemens VOIP line. DOMAIN = IP address of the AXONPBX So now I can call to the Axon, but I don't hear it ringing. In the Axon I see that the call is anwered but I don't hear anything. I opend ports 5060-5080 and 8000-8020 and 16384-16391 to point to the local ip address of the Siemens and the Axon on each router. Is there anything else I need to do?? Thanks, Kevin
  6. Hello, I want to connect the S685IP from Gigaset Siemens to a local and a remote Axon server. I have tried every possible settings and opened the ports 5060 thue 5080 and 8000 thrue 8040 to point to the Axon-server on one end and the same ports to the IP address of the S685IP on the other hand. What I don't understand is that even on the local network, the S685IP cannot register on the local Axon server. In this setup I don't have to worry about the firewall ports. Any help would be welcome! Thanks, Kevin
  7. Thx Phytonpoole, Registration successfull, but I think there is something really wrong with my HT503. It keeps rebooting. Contacted the shop and apparently Grandstream reported some issues with the PSU of the HT503, so I returned my device... Thanks for the support and changing my codec to remove the unsupported G729 by Axon. Kevin
  8. Hello, I am trying to connect the new Handytone 503 to the AxonPBX. I am already using a SPA3102 so I think I know what I am doing. I can login to the HT503 ans set it up for FXO and FXS, but they are not registering in Axon. Has anyone managed to use the HT503 with Axon? Thanks, Kevin
  9. If a incomming call is picked up by IVM and after a few OGMs and selections is tranfered to an extention, the extention doesn't now what that person on the incomming line has chosen. Unless every option in the IVM transfers to a different extension. So my thought is to transfert every option to a different extension (ex 111 which is never available), and then is transfert to one or more real extensions (ex 222). These real extentions must then show a message: CallerID AND "call transferd from ext111. Does my explenation make any sence? Thanks, Kevin
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