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  1. I'm not sure if it is me being new to the whole macbook scene and being stupid or what but i've tried following the various instructions above, and on all the other posts of people having the same issue and still I am failing to get anything playing in Express Scribe. I have ES version 4.05 and a OS X 10.5.1 I did once managed to get files playing if i downloaded them onto my ES on the Windows XP OS and then when i booted back in mac mode i could trace them in the windows NCH file on that OS and get them to play in. but now i can't even get ES on windows to load files, despite trying
  2. I had exactly the same problem, it's an issue with express scribe version 4.16, if you follow this link http://www.fish4files.com/download.php?fil...4b6347ca6336641 it's the version 4.15 one which has no problems, and since i used it i've had no problems. hope it works for you too!
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