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  1. Open the file in Quicktime. Click File, Export. Change the format to 'Audio Only' and then click "Export". This is using Quicktime 10.2.
  2. a very simple way to overcome this is to export your wma file from quicktime. Export it as a .mp4 and then play that in Express Scribe. That's what I do.
  3. Express Scribe Pro wont play WMA files. I have Mountain Lion and the WMA files play no problems in Quicktime or Flip Player. The error message i get is: Opening audio file failed. The decoder process failed when decompressing the file xxx.wma to wave format. It is possible your logon account does not have write access to the folder. My logon account does have access, I am the Administrator on my computer. What is going on here? Very annoying considered I just paid for this. Hasn't anyone figured out a way to do timestamps from Quicktime yet?
  4. Hi Ryall. All I can say is buy a VPE footpedal and use it with Quicktime. I have not used Express Scribe for more than 3 months.
  5. I'm having the same problem. This is frustrating. Why isn't NCH offering any help here? Also, just wondering, has anyone been able to play a .dct file on their mac at all? This is the proprietary file format for Express Scribe so why doesn't it work? Any help here at all would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs to be able to play this file format as their source of income!
  6. Hi I'm looking at buying a new Mac with OS X 10.5 Leopard on it and I want to know if anyone knows if Express Scribe will work on that version. It's not stipulated on NCH's website so I thought I'd ask the forum. This site http://www.downloadpipe.com/audio_multimed...Mac-111021.html has OS X 10.5 listed as compatible with Express Scribe but I'm not sure if I should believe them or not. NCH can you help out here also? I love my Mac!!
  7. Hi is there anyway I can stop a file loading in express scribe? I've tried deleting it but every time i open up express scribe it commences to load again! This is most annoying as it is taking quite a long time (up to 30mins) to load the file. The file is an mp3 that is 2 hours long. Should I be loading this length file into Express Scribe or can it not handle that? Any help would be appreciated.
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