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  1. If you're not set up to run your own server but you still want access to your dictations remotely then the simplest solution would probably be to find an FTP host. You can then remove Express Delegate from the equation altogether and configure Express Dictate and Express Scribe to access the FTP site directly. Although you would of course miss out on the more advanced work-flow management features of Express Delegate. - - OK. Thanks for the comprehensive answer. It sounds like I should best go with this option. What are the points I need to consider when setting this up.
  2. I have installed: Express Delegate 4.03 on a WinXP computer (as server). I have installed: Express Scribe 4.05 on an OS X computer (as client). I've setup user accounts and a typing pool using the web interface. Now I'm stuck. How do I "point" the client towards the server (I know that I will need Server Name, User Name, Password and Directory what I don't know is where to find this information on the server. Also, what issues do I need to be aware of with my router? Will I need to open ports / setup DMZ etc? Assuming we get the above point sorted, my second question is that: if
  3. -- thanks. We'll workaround for now.
  4. is an OS X version planned?
  5. -- I did kind of think that there was an option to automatically upload them back onto the server from whence they came but marked in such a fashion that ES didn't bring them down again. I guess I can see now that the receiving of the files is a one way street. -- So using "Dispatch" kicks in the email window that then ties into whatever email program the person has in op ?? Is email then only way to dispatch the text files or is there a way (other than stick) that avoids the email prog. It just seemed to me another cog in the wheel. Cheers Oliver
  6. These are the bits I've done: - Set up ES to work with FTP - Dropped some test files onto the FTP server - Sync ES with FTP server - ES syncs and correctly shows the files - Typed the files (in the ES window) and then clicked "Done" Expected to find a text file deposited on the FTP server containing the text - not the case Expected my original files deleted from off the server - this was the case There were a couple of .sta files but these were "dispatch notes". Please could you advise what ES has done with the typed text and what needs to be done to close the workflow effect
  7. ah. Seems to be the size. Tried a 3 MB file and it worked fine. I'll chop it up in Garage Band and see if that helps. Anyone know the max working file size for Express Scribe to save me the trial and error?
  8. File loads correctly (123 MB) but although there is sufficient disk space (9 GB) it will not play. I get a "blip" of sound and the timer runs but now sound comes out. The file plays fine using Info - preview, iTunes and VLC. Any ideas?
  9. thank you for your kind comments

  10. If you knew Oliver you'ld know why he has no friends listed!!!!!

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