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  1. Go to External Lines, click the phone line profile and go to Advance Line Settings, check the "Always replay audio (only use if one direction audio lost)"
  2. I'm not quite sure Express Talk can do this. But X-Lite can. I have installed Axon. My X-Lite softphone can call xxx@domain.com without problem. You can refer to Express Talk HELP manual and check it.
  3. Set one of the virtual interface "metric" to 1, and the other "metric" to 4 (any number greater than 1). The computer with Axon will always select "metric 1" as the first priority gateway. In Axon option->network, select "use stun servers to find the external IP address and port. not the static IP because you don't have one.
  4. You may find the answer below: http://www.nch.com.au/kb/10064.html
  5. Modify your dial plan, fill in the anyuser@example.com into "If sip host is" ... please refer HELP
  6. ahoman

    IVM & AXON

    The information in your message is not very detail. Anyway, if you are new to Axon and IVM, I suggest just install the Axon pbx first and create some extens for test. After that, integrate the IVM into Axon and try to create your own OGM. exten 199 is the default voice mail by Axon.
  7. Sorry! From Hong Kong to Singapore needs IDD charges, I can't implement free service with additional cost unless I find partners or sponsors for such support. May be different area pbx systems willing to open to public and join together (form a world wide network) can find a solution and let all users enjoy free international call.
  8. I would like to share my Axon pbx to public in order to test the traffic loading. At present I release 10 extensions for public and anyone can call Hong Kong landline. Please refer to the URL for details. http://www.ims.sytes.net Comments are welcome. Group the Axon pbx together and made the world wide speak FREE. Any idea?
  9. ahoman


    You can combine the variables into one string such as.. $log_line=%date%.' '.%time% (and so on, the operator depends on what language you are using) then, use SQL comand INSERT INTO calllog (log_line) values ('$log_line') I also want to know other Axon variables besides of %date%, %time%....., I can not found them and I hope Axon can release these variables too.
  10. ahoman

    Blind a call

    Create a sub-OGM , click change message audio and select clear the audio, set 0 to wait and repeat fields, in the then field select transfer call and fill in your mobile number . From your existing OGM, alter OGM--Key response ----6 ---dial 888 to OGM--Key response ----6 ---go to OGM and select your new sub-OGM. So when your press 6, the OGM will goto sub-OGM and then call your mobile.
  11. My experience just for reference ONLY. I have a FXO gateway, I set up an external line to this FXO gateway and dial plan. Although Axon show fail to register but I still can dial an outgoing call to my landline. If I need Axon to accept incoming call from landline, I need to set the registration on FXO gateway to Axon as an extension . If anyone call from landline , FXO gateway will route to IVM and allow me to dial Axon extension follow the annoucement.
  12. I know nothing about SPA..., but for a FXO device to hanup, it depneds: 1. a busy tone return from remote 2. detect a certain period of slience period. If you call from pstn, when you hand up, your side will return a busy tone to FXO, so FXO will on-hook. If SIP hang up first, it seems that Axon doesn't return busy tone to FXO such that SPA still off-hook.
  13. If your phone and Axon server are located in the same lan, it should not has any problems. As you can ping the Axon server from phone, why not try to ping the phone from Axon server to make sure both sides can communicate well?
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